Board Development

Board Consulting

Depending on the specific needs of your organization, it can be helpful to interview board members in advance of a board training session. From a board training session, there may also be needs identified that require more consulting assistance such as reviewing and updating the organization’s bylaws, developing policy manuals, developing board recruitment strategies and assisting with the development of board committees.


Board Training and Facilitation

Board Roles and Responsibilities – Half‐Day Session: In a half‐day board session (3‐4 hours), roles and responsibilities of board members could be covered. This includes focusing on the legal roles and fiduciary responsibilities. In these sessions, we facilitate a process of defining the role of the board and the role of the Executive Director along lines of decision‐making and authority. Other topics to round out board management include: board composition, board committee structure, board/staff relations, conflict of interest and board governance. The process also enables the board to work together as a team.


Fundraising and Your Organization – Half‐Day Session: In a half‐day session, an overview of all fundraising options both individual and institutional will be covered. The session will also focus on the “hows” of fundraising and increasing the skill and comfort levels of the board to engage in fundraising. This involves breaking fundraising down into component pieces, eliminating or reducing any reluctance or fear, providing a new approach to involving people (i.e. asking people to invest in the organization), and inspiring the board through fun and confidence building that they are capable of fundraising activity which will be more profitable than past efforts. During this session, the role of staff and the board in fundraising is explored.


Helping Your Board Find Members Find Their Fundraising Voice – Full‐Day Session: This session includes the material covered in the half‐day session outlined above. In addition, we help board members to identify their authentic fundraising voice that is natural to them and therefore easier for them to fundraise. Through interaction and role playing, board members develop their skills in phrasing, opening lines, methods of extending the conversation and how to move to the next step – regardless of whether they are sending a friend more information about their nonprofit organization, asking someone to a special event, making an introduction or asking a neighbor for an outright contribution. We conclude the session with lively brain‐storming during which board members discuss potential and current donors and then create short‐term and long–term fundraising goals that are realistic and achievable.


Strategic Planning Retreat – Full‐Day Session: In a full day session, we can facilitate a process of reaching agreement on the purpose of the organization, its priorities, scope of services, long term direction and develop a clear sense of the board and staff’s role in implementing the plan. Topics covered in a strategic planning retreat generally include: Mission Statement, Vision, Competitive Analysis, Landscape Analysis, Organizational Assessment, Critical Issues, Strategic Responses ‐ Goals and Objectives, and Implementation Issues. Note: The single day facilitation does not include upfront needs assessment nor a detailed strategic plan with implementation workplans. See the full range of strategic planning services listed under that heading.