Executive Coaching

Patty Oertel personally provides The Oertel Group’s coaching service in which she works one‐to‐one with Executive Directors, managers, management teams, board members, officers and boards of directors. She provides coaching to assist them with individual and/or organizational goals. Our coaching service can be used as a sounding board to develop a game plan for resolving specific issues and/or address other challenges faced by folks in nonprofit leadership positions. As part of each coaching session, Ms. Oertel helps the person/group being coached to develop an action plan to address any matters discussed in the session; this process fosters accountability that people have found useful. As appropriate for the discussions, Ms. Oertel can put issues in the context and natural evolution of nonprofit organizations and identify approaches that have been successful for other organizations facing similar challenges. Coaching services can be provided on a one‐time basis, a monthly package that includes in‐person, phone and e‐mail communication) and/or a retainer.