Our Services

The Oertel Group provides its services across several management areas and brings to each project a holistic understanding of a nonprofit organization and therefore our work brings into consideration the linkages necessarily for organizational effectiveness. We have listed consulting services that are frequently requested by nonprofit organizations. We meet with each prospective client to discuss the underlying organizational needs, outline desired outcomes, and determine a suitable approach based on the organization’s context and available resources. Based on that discussion, we prepare a consulting proposal that outlines deliverables, timeframe and costs. Generally, The Oertel Group proposes a project cap; if fewer hours that the cap are spent to accomplish the goals of the project, the client will be billed less. If the project requires more hours and the scope of the project has not changed, an organization will not be charged more than the project cap. Our hourly rate is $175 and may be discounted based on prior relationships, geographic considerations, and/or funder constraints.